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Innovative Solution: Leapton Energy Unveils TOPCon Solar Modules with Fiberglass Frames for the Global Residential Solar Market!

Time:2024-02-20 Source:Leapton Energy Views:522

We are excited to announce the launch of Leapton Energy's latest line of solar modules, equipped with corrosion-resistant fiberglass frames. This not only enhances the durability of the product but also features a sleek black exterior. With this innovative product, Leapton Energy is set to usher in a new era in the energy industry, providing a fresh and clean energy option for the global residential photovoltaic market!


What is fiberglass frame?

1. Fiberglass is a high-performance inorganic non-metallic material with various types and notable advantages such as excellent insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, and high mechanical strength.


2. Leapton Energy fiberglass frame consists of 5-layer structures, they are fiberglass, polyurethane, felt, polyurethane, coating.

This composite material structure is even utilized in applications such as wind turbine blades (to withstand wind pressure, vibration, and centrifugal force) and railway sleepers (to endure the pressure and vibration from passing trains). Fiberglass reinforced composite materials have been used for over 20 years in outdoor environments and in fields with higher load requirements, with numerous successful application cases!


Why choose fiberglass frame solar modules?

1. Extremely high corrosion resistance: Unlike traditional aluminum alloy frames, utilize fiberglass material, greatly enhancing corrosion resistance for stable operation even in harsh environments. Tests show a strength retention rate of 92.44% with 25% ammonia solution and 96.27% with 66.8% seawater, making it ideal for energy systems near the ocean or farms.


2.Deformation-Resistant Design: The fiberglass frame not only possesses corrosion resistance but also exhibits excellent deformation resistance in its structure, ensuring minimal deformation even under extreme conditions such as high temperature and humidity. This prolongs the product lifespan and reduces maintenance costs.


Under high-pressure and high-humidity environments, the bending strength retention rate of the module frame exceeds 95%, and the interlayer shear strength retention rate exceeds 85%.


Fiberglass frame has passed third-party -40°C low temperature load testing!

Fiberglass frame solar module mechanical load , let us taking a 560W module as an example

LP182*199-M-66-NH 560W

Dimensions: 2278*1134*30

Static   mechanical load test results:



Installation   method

Front side


pressure   blocks / bolts.

Rear side


pressure   blocks / bolts.

Dynamic   mechanical load test results:


Cycle   time

Cycle   times

Corresponding   wind speed

Installation   method





pressure  blocks / bolts.


Compared to aluminum alloy frames, the tensile strength of Fiberglass frames has increased to 1000 MPa, and the bending strength has increased to 1200 MPa.


Flammability class: V-1

Cumulative irradiation: 1500kWh/m2: Pass

Damp-Heat(DH) testing 2000h: Pass

3.Elegant Black Appearance: Leapton Energy Fiberglass frame solar module feature a distinctive black exterior design that not only exudes elegance and style but also blends seamlessly into various environments, adding a unique aesthetic appeal to buildings.



4.Ultra-Low Carbon Emissions: Low-carbon modules<630g/W, ultra-low-carbon modules <400g/W. Experiments have shown that the carbon emissions of fiberglass frame modules are only 15% of aluminum frame modules, which is 24.2KgCO2/Kg, resulting in an 85% reduction in carbon emissions.

Whether you're developing new energy projects or upgrading existing energy systems, Leapton Energy's new photovoltaic modules will be your ideal choice, offering outstanding performance and satisfying aesthetics for your energy systems.


The first batch of fiberglass frame solar modules from Leapton Energy has been shipped already!


Feel free to contact Leapton Energy to learn more about products and collaboration opportunities.


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