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Leapton Energy Phase II new plant will be completed in July, 2023!

Time:2023-06-28 Source:Leapton Energy Views:290

Leapton Energy Co., Ltd. will possess - shorter delivery time and bigger warehouse! 

The second phase plant covers an area of 72,088 ㎡, of which

Production workshop 46,146㎡ : The second floor, third floor and fourth floor are planned to arrange 6 lines in total, each line can produce 4,200 pcs of solar modules per day, all compatible with N-type, and the expected capacity will be 3.5GW. It is worth mentioning that we can produce bifacial with double glass solar module in July, looking forward to our next performance!

Warehouse 25,942 ㎡ : The back of the workshop on the second, third and fourth floors will be used as a finished product warehouse, and the entire first floor will be used as a raw material and finished product warehouse. The finished goods inventory capacity is 200MW

The new plant has experienced more than 9 months of construction, the main structure has been basically completed, is expected in the middle of this July will usher in the completion of acceptance, and in August to complete the joint acceptance of all building indicators!

Multithreading parallel - It is expected that the equipment will arrive on July 5, the equipment will be installed and debuted on July 25, and it will enter the trial production stage in early August. Clearly, our steps are tightening and accelerating‼